NPE Gen 3/4 LS Cam Kit

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Product Overview

Neumayer Performance Engines takes all the guess work out of piecing together a cam kit for your GEN 3/4 LS platforms. No longer will you have to click around the internet wondering if you have everything. The kit listed below is a budget friendly way to get that old raggedy stock cam out and let the engine roar and smoke tires.


With the purchase of this kit you can anxiously expect the following to showing up to your door:

Choice of Camshafts:

-Cam Motion 5150 Core Custom Spec from NPE (Be sure to fill out the custom cam order sheet)

-Any BTR Non-PDS Shelf Cam (Be sure to leave cam choice in NOTES for your order)

-Any Tick Performance Shelf cam (Be sure to leave cam choice in NOTES for your order)


With the following supplemental parts to ensure a complete kit:

-BTR .660” Dual Spring Kit (SK001)

-BTR 5/16 .080 Pushrods

-GM Performance LS9 Head Gaskets (12622033)

-Comp Cam 850-16 Lifters

-GM Performance Lifter Tray Kit (12595365)

-Meling M10295 Stock Volume/High Pressure Oil Pump

-GM Performance Head Bolts (17800568)

-160 Degree Thermostat

-GM Performance HD Timing Chain (12646386)

-BTR 1 to 3 Bolt Conversion Kit consisting of:

*GM Performance 3 Bolt, 4 Pole Cam Gear (12586481)

*GM Performance LS2/LS3/LS7 Timing Chain Dampener (12588670)

*ARP 3 Bolt LS Cam Bolts 134-1003

-BTR Cam Installation Kit consisting of:

*BTR33904 Front Timing Cover Gasket

*BTR85673 Timing Cover Damper Seal

*BTR30223 Water Pump Gasket

*DBT-004ERL Cranskshaft Damper Bolt


For additional options and upgrades please email us directly to customize your perfect setup.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review